default cflags to compile

Tue Dec 13 07:29:00 GMT 2005

On Mon, 12 Dec 2005, Nuno Lopes stipulated:
> Update: I've tried to compile some sample sources, but linking has failed with:

Yeah, linking two libraries using incompatible versions of libstdc++
will be tricky, requiring linking against *both* copies using -Bgroup.
(It's best to experiment using little testbed shared libraries exporting
symbols of the same name, printing out different things from each shared
library, until you grasp how -Bgroup works. It can be counterintuitive.)

Note that this will have other (nasty) side-effects; notably exception
catches of exceptions thrown from the Sony API will fail, and types
within the Sony API will appear different to apparently-identical types
outside the Sony API.

To describe this as `unsupported and risky' would be like describing the
ocean as `slightly damp' or the recent oil fire in Hertfordshire as `a
little warm'. Your *safe* options are to get Sony to provide a later
version of this library --- or, better, a version with a C interface, so
that you can be sure that no libstdc++ objects leak out of it --- or to
stick with GCC 3.3.x.

(If the Sony library only *has* a C interface, the -Bgroup trick should
work, I think.)

> And it continues with a couple more errors about that default_alloc
> function and std::list. Isn't there a workaround, so that I can link
> the objects with the old lib?

You have to link the Sony API with the old lib, and your new code with
the new lib, using -Bgroup to avoid clashes.

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