Can you help with gcc build GCC_NO_EXECUTABLES problem?

Jonathan Beit-Aharon
Thu Dec 1 14:37:00 GMT 2005

Kai Ruottu wrote:

> Kai Ruottu wrote:
>> Jonathan Beit-Aharon wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I am trying to build gcc 3.4.2 on Linux, and am running into 
>>> *exactly* the same problem (also with library libstdc++v3).
Except my platform is Intel Celeron.

>>>    Subject: help building x86_64->i686 cross-compiler
>>>    I'm running a debian amd64 (pure, not biarch/multiarch), and I'm
>>>    trying to build gcc that is able to compile regular x86 binaries (as
>>>    in):
>>>    checking host system type... i686-pc-linux-gnu
>>>    checking build system type... x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
>>>    but it fails with the following:
>>>    checking for main in -lm... configure: error: Link tests are not
>>>    allowed after GCC_NO_EXECUTABLES.
> [snip]

I eventually found a broken cpp in /usr/local/bin, which was left over 
from some earlier failed install...   Somehow it was missed when that 
failure was uninstalled -- don't ask me how/why, because in the words of 
Oz, the Great and Powerful, "I don't know how it works" :-)

> Currently there is some kind of new bolshevism idea which states that
> people shouldn't use any 'original' libraries for a Linux target, but
> one should replace them with self-built glibc, termcap, ncurses, X11,
> Gnome, KDE etc. libraries... If one really feels this idea about
> starting everything from absolute scratch as one's own, then there
> are people who will support that idea. The things below then come from
> my Scandinavian 'social democracy', "evolutionary socialism", which
> states that bettering the world can be based on what we already have,
> no "starting everything from scratch" is needed...

Dear Kai Ruottu, first, thank you for your helpful response.  There is 
no need to apologize for your cooperativist outlook -- as far as I'm 
concerned cooperation is  the reason Open Software is successful.  The 
best cooperation is that which comes from free will and free 
association, but other cooperation, such as that which comes of economic 
necessity, e.g., by employees of a corporation working jointly in order 
to make a living, is not to be disparaged either.

Although I don't enjoy building systems "from scratch", occasionally we 
all have to upgrade (or even downgrade) some software in order to port 
applications between systems (in my case, FreeBSD 5.4 to Linux Fedora 3).

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