does GCC support __assume, __noop and _ReturnAddress?

Ian Lance Taylor
Mon Aug 29 22:41:00 GMT 2005

"Rupert Wood" <> writes:

> Daniel Berlin wrote: 
> > i'm not sure what nop does
> > Does it really output a nop to the instruction stream?
> It appears to just throw its arguments away
>     The __noop intrinsic specifies that a function should be ignored
>     and the argument list unevaluated. It is intended for use in
>     global debug functions that take a variable number of arguments.
> I'm not a preprocessor guru (or a GCC-builtins guru) so I don't know what to
> suggest :-/

Sounds like one could just do
    #define __noop(...)

Looking at the other functions from that link, gcc doesn't have
anything exactly like __assume.  gcc has __builtin_expect, but that is
not the same.  __assume is stronger than __builtin_expect.

_ReturnAddress() is the same as gcc's __builtin_return_address(0).


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