MIPS calling conventions

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Looking at the source, there are at least 5 different ABIs in mips.c.  I
believe Sony has designed another ABI for use in the PSP system, but
those sources are not integrated at the FSF.  I don't recall which ABIs
P&H describes in their book.  Note, GCC can use a frame pointer if it
has allocates variable size auto variables, or if the user directs it
with -fno-omit-frame-pointer. 

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"Mad Props" <madprops@gmx.net> asks on Wed, 10 Aug 2005 15:55:12 +0200
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An excellent resource that I strongly recommend that you get is this
recent book:

@String{pub-MORGAN-KAUFMANN     = "Morgan Kaufmann Publishers"}
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There are two conventions used by compilers on the MIPS architecture for
argument passing: one keeps a constant frame pointer within each
procedure, addressing local variables at constant offset from the frame
pointer (native SGI IRIX compilers do this), and the other dispenses
with the frame pointer, and uses only the stack pointer, which changes
during execution of the procedure, and thus variable offsets change as
well (gcc does this).

This is described on pp. 86ff of the above book, and in Appendix A,
which is not printed, but is on the book's CD-ROM inside the back cover.
The CD also contains the SPIM simulator for the MIPS architecture, but a
newer version is now available here:


With the book and the simulator, you should then have the tools you need
for your work with gcc on MIPS.

Other resources include these books:

@String{pub-PH                  = "Pren{\-}tice-Hall"}
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and these manuals:


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