Linking on AIX

David Edelsohn
Tue Aug 16 19:02:00 GMT 2005

>>>>> John Ling writes:

John> I tried "ar tv" on libubic.a and I get what I think is correct:

John> rwxr-xr-x  1409/105   7391044 Aug 16 10:59 2005
John> rw-r--r--  1409/105   210082 Aug 02 10:56 2005 Fasta.o
John> rw-r--r--  1409/105   293687 Aug 02 10:56 2005 FastaLoader.o
John> rw-r--r--  1409/105   332056 Aug 02 10:56 2005 Dbrc.o
John> rw-r--r--  1409/105   237825 Aug 02 10:56 2005 MysqlDb.o
John> rw-r--r--  1409/105   309442 Aug 02 10:56 2005 Tax.o
John> rw-r--r--  1409/105    69525 Aug 02 10:56 2005 TaxonIdName.o
John> rw-r--r--  1409/105    93349 Aug 02 10:56 2005 TaxGet.o
John> rw-r--r--  1409/105      648 Aug 02 10:56 2005 Tclap.o
John> rw-r--r--  1409/105   265350 Aug 02 10:56 2005 Stats.o
John> rw-r--r--  1409/105    81579 Aug 02 10:56 2005 StatsDb.o

	This is incorrect.  It looks like the library contains both shared
object and static objects.  You should build one other the other, not

John> Yet, libubic.a remains in the hidden directory lib/.libs which I would 
John> have expected to have been included with the installed library 
John> libubic.a.  This seems odd to me and make me wonder how libubic.a can 
John> find this .so file.  I tried to copy it into the install directory along 
John> with the installed libubuic.a but without any change to my linking problem.

	Your actions are incorrect.  Do not install the .so file.  The .so
file should be archived, as is occurring.

John> Also in this hidden directory is libubic.exp.  A good chunk of this file 
John> contains names prepended with underscores, such as 
John> "_Allocate__3stdHc_UlPc_Pc", but there are other names without an 
John> underscore such as "TaxonId__11TaxonIdNameCFv".
John> Is this the export list that you suggest I modify/create?

	If the export file already is being created, that's fine.  The
problem may be the two different objects in the archive.  You probably
should use --disable-shared or --disable-static when configuring libtool.


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