Problem with compiling source code that includes headers with GTY markers

Moritz Muehlenhoff
Mon Aug 8 13:47:00 GMT 2005

I'm having a problem with extending GCC 4.0.1:
I added a new source file to the gcc/ dir, which doesn't contain
GTY markers itself. But since then all files included from the
new file, that have GTY markers fail to compile with syntax errors,
because the GTY token is unknown. So I assume that I need to declare
my new source file for GTY processing, although it only uses these
only indirectly, correct?
So I've added it to GTFILES from, but this doesn't help
either. Does anyone have an idea, what might be the problem? (The
new file operates on RTL/RTX data, not's not exactly a front end
file, but according to section 18.3 from the gccint docs this seemed
like the correct way, or what other options could I try?)


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