gcc/gfortran build question

François-Xavier Coudert Francois-Xavier.Coudert@lcp.u-psud.fr
Thu Apr 28 13:35:00 GMT 2005


[I'm cross-posting this to the gfortran mailing-list, since it seems that 
few gfortran people read gcc-help.]

 > My problems is that it seems that none of the gfortran
 > binaries were compiled.

What platform are you compiling for? When you did the "configure" step, was 
f95 in the list of languages to be built? What happens if you manually 
specify it (with "./configure --enable-languages=c,f95")?

When you say "none of the gfortran binaries", you mean neither the compiler 
itself (gfortran) nor the library (libgfortran)?

 > Looking in the libgfortran
 > directory, the README file says that the
 > gcc-config.patch file needs to be applied to the
 > top-level GCC source directory, but there is no such
 > file in the source directories

This file looks like something left from the time gfortran was not fully 
integrated with GCC. It should be removed (can one of the maintainers 
confirm this and approve the removal?), and this has nothing to do with your 


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