ansidecl.h missing from Make in GCC 4.0

Eljay Love-Jensen
Wed Apr 27 19:47:00 GMT 2005

Hi Anton,

>A newbie install question - I'm trying to install GCC 4.0 and it is erroring out. './configure' works...

./configure is not supported.

Delete your GCC 4.0 source directory.

Unzip/untar your GCC 4.0 source again.

Make a peer build directory to where the GCC 4.0 source is untar'd to.

Change to the peer build directory.

Do a configure of the GCC 4.0 source (using relative or absolute paths) in that peer build directory.  (I use absolute paths.)

Do a make of the GCC 4.0 source using the makefile that is created in your peer build directory.


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