undefined reference to `typeinfo SOLVED

Ross Boylan ross@biostat.ucsf.edu
Thu Apr 21 19:58:00 GMT 2005

On Thu, 2005-04-21 at 09:37 +0100, Nathan Sidwell wrote:
> [did you bcc to gnu.org and cc to gno.org? why?]
I mistyped the edress, and then redelivered.  I guess my mailer left the
bad edress intact.  Sorry.
> Ross Boylan wrote:
> > The type AbstractLinearProduct is defined in the header for
> > LinearProduct, which is included in the .cc file.  Googling, it sounds
> > as if complaints about typeinfo may signal missing RTTI.  However, I did
> > not compile with no-rtti, and the included files referenced are all
> > source files.
> Are you sure you have a definition of each non-pure virtual function.  In
> particular check the first non-inline non-pure virtual function of
> AbstractLinearProduct.  The compiler uses that (if it exists) as a key.
> It will emit the vtable, typeinfo and other class related objects in the
> object file containing that key.
> nathan
Wow!  That was the problem exactly.  I omitted the =0 from one function

Now it all works.  I don't know how long that would have taken me to
find on my own.  Thank you very much.

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