Linking with the file curses.h

Ian Lance Taylor
Sat Apr 9 18:16:00 GMT 2005

Stephen <> writes:

> I am using the following functions in my C program
> wgetch(stdscr), etc which are supposed to be declared in curses.h file.
> I have #included the curses.h file in my program but still the following
> error pops up during Linking (not during compiling as I tried to compile the
> program as gcc -c <filename.c> and it was a success).
> The gcc I use has come with the Red Hat Fedora Core3 OS.
> Someone Please help me solve this problem as the dead line for my project is
> 20 May 2005.Please Help!!! 

This is almost certainly a question about C, not about gcc.  You
omitted the error message.  You omitted the exact command line that
you used.  You omitted a complete testcase.  I'm going to take a wild
guess and say that you may have also omitted -lcurses from your link


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