help: what's the meaning "dereferencing pointer to incomplete type"

Ian Lance Taylor
Sat Apr 9 14:38:00 GMT 2005

"Xiaoshan Sun" <> writes:

>   i have a programming problem using gcc compiler.
>   when i compile a C source file ,i got the error message:
> "dereferencing pointer to incomplete type"
> this is caused by a line:
> pqtemp->offset=0;
> where "pqtemp " is a pointer of a "struct type".
> so i need someone tell me what does the error message
> "dereferencing pointer to incomplete type"
> refer to ??

This is a question about C, not a question about gcc.

You have written something like
    struct type *pqtemp;
without ever defining "struct type".  That is valid, but it is not
valid to use pqtemp->offset without defining struct type.


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