OSX gcc binary (no Xcode)?

Guillaume Khayat guillaume.kh@free.fr
Mon Apr 18 23:35:00 GMT 2005

Niko Matsakis wrote:

>> I have not had any issue with Apple's build of GCC.  I've installed
>> and used it without issue on quite a few different Macintosh computers.
> Agreed; it has always worked flawlessly for me.
> Niko
First, thank you all for taking the time to help me with this

About Metrowerks, Codewarrior for Mac is indeed temporarily unavailable,
not discontinued. My mistake. Yet, that doesn't make it more likely to
reach my hard drive any sooner :p

Now, I realize I haven't been very clear with my explanations. So, to
-gcc does not work
-most precisely, it seems to be unable to interact properly with
/configure files (see further)
-re-installation of latest XCode / Apple Dev Tools does not solve the
-problem shows up with all sources downloaded
-I was hoping getting gcc from somewhere else might help (->this
thread's title)

Here is the typical error msg I get when trying to run ./configure files:
checking for gcc... gcc
checking for C compiler default output file name... configure: error: C
compiler cannot create executables
See `config.log' for more details.

I already posted a sample config.log on a previous post. This one was
issued running ./configure for gnupg-1.4.1

I googled the error msg and found there could be various and numerous
reasons for it. But maybe it looks familiar to you. Let me know.

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