OSX gcc binary (no Xcode)?

Guillaume Khayat guillaume.kh@free.fr
Mon Apr 18 02:02:00 GMT 2005

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Eljay Love-Jensen wrote:

>Hi Guillaume,
>It appears that you are running configure in the same directory as the
>GCC source.
>This is not supported. (Nor is running configure from within a
>subdirectory. I recommend a peer directory.)
>Please read the directions on how to build the compiler, located at
Well, first I am sorry if I was not clear but my ultimate purpose is
not to compile gcc. All I want is a C compiler that actually runs.
I'd love to compile the latest gcc from source but that would require
a gcc binary that actually works - not my case. If I just happen to be
misusing it and it actually works somehow, then updating gcc is
definitely not a priority objective and all I care about is using it
to compile the stuff that has been shoveling dust on my hard drive for
some time already.

Now about the advice you gave me, I am not sure it applies. I mean,
we're talking here - as an exemple - of a source package which
includes a configure file and the other following:
ABOUT-NLS       NEWS            autogen.sh      g10             scripts
AUTHORS         PROJECTS        checks          gnupg.spec      tools
BUGS            README          cipher          include         util
COPYING         THANKS          config.h.in     intl            zlib
ChangeLog       TODO            config.log      keyserver
INSTALL         VERSION         configure       m4
Makefile.am     acinclude.m4    configure.ac    mpi
Makefile.in     aclocal.m4      doc             po

Are you suggesting that for ANY program, configure should be ran from
a different folder than its source's? Or does your suggestion only
concerns gcc's source compiling? I tried moving the configure file
and, as could be expected, it gave error messages claiming it lacked
some files.

Now I really hope this makes it clearer somehow. I am most thankful
for the help already provided. As I am neither an IT professional nor
a Unix wizard, none of this looks very clear to me.

I'll be looking forward for your advice.

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