Question on pthread_cancel/pthread_exit and thread stack unwind
Thu Sep 16 21:08:00 GMT 2004

On the same Solaris platform, using SUN's Workshop6.2 compiler,
there's no such problem, with the same pthread library, so the compiler
has something to do with it.


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Hi Yufeng,

I may be off, but I believe that pthreads is really separate from GCC,
so if stack unwinding doesn't occur, etc., etc., with pthread_cancel and
pthread_exit, it may be more of an issue to take up with the maintainers
of the pthread library on Linux.  You might try there and see what kind
of a response they give you...


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Hi Yufeng,

 >I'm not sure how active you are involved with the GCC development...

I'm a user of GCC just like yourself, much like most of the people on
forum.  This is a user-community supported self-help forum.

 > there a technical problem preventing this from happening or it's

just nobody is considering doing it?

Well, yes, it's a technical problem of sorts.  The C++ specification
not support multithreading programming.

POSIX Threads in C/C++ are an "after market bolt-on", so to speak.

There are other languages which handle multithreaded programming better
than C++:  Ada and Java come to mind.  Those are but two examples; I'm
there are many other languages which are multithread savvy.

 >We can consider other compilers but we really like to use GCC because
then we can pretty much use the 'same' compiler for different platforms.

As I understand it, GCC supports Ada and supports Java.  So you could
with GCC.


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