gcc3.4.0 install problem

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Thu Sep 16 16:44:00 GMT 2004

How long did you wait before deciding that it is looping?  The thing is
that when you run make bootstrap, it _does_ do more configuration of
some of the source trees under the main source directory, so this is
expected to an extent.  Not to sound too dubious, but it can take
anywhere from, say, 15 minutes to several hours to build GCC depending
on the machine you're building on.  So, if you waited only a couple
minutes and decided it was looping, I'm not sure you waited long enough
to let it do what it's got to do...


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ya that is the problem, the make processs is looping and every time it
keeps showing same things as below :

some ..checking ..yes / no ...

creating ./config.status
CONFIG_FILES=Makefile CONFIG_HEADERS= /bin/sh ./config.status
creating Makefile

THis things appears again and again. I even checked with diff. the same
thing is getting printed.

On Thu, 16 Sep 2004, Bras, Gerard wrote:

> Virender,
> They happen many, many times. I don't know how long the bootstrap
process takes in your environment but in my experience it's like
sausage.  You'll enjoy it more if you don't watch it being made.
> Of course if you have evidence that the make process is stuck looping
without making headway, that is a different problem and you should
provide the evidence as it will help us help you.
> cheers,
> Gerard
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> Subject: gcc3.4.0 install problem
> hi
>   i am not able to install gcc3.4.0 on my comp.
> i already have gcc3.3 installed on my comp
> i do following :
> mkdir objdir
> cd objdir
> ../gcc-source/configure --enable-languages=c,c++
> then i do
> make bootstrap
> but here i see the same things being repeated (some checking
> displayed again and again. how many times doess checking happen ?
> THanks and Regards.
> Virender
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