-z option

Muthukumar Ratty muthu@iqmail.net
Thu Sep 16 04:55:00 GMT 2004

Look at ld manual.

  -Bgroup               Selects group name lookup rules for DSO
  --disable-new-dtags   Disable new dynamic tags
  --enable-new-dtags    Enable new dynamic tags
  -z defs               Disallows undefined symbols
  -z initfirst          Mark DSO to be initialized first at runtime
  -z interpose          Mark object to interpose all DSOs but executable
  -z loadfltr           Mark object requiring immediate process
  -z nodefaultlib       Mark object not to use default search paths
  -z nodelete           Mark DSO non-deletable at runtime
  -z nodlopen           Mark DSO not available to dlopen
  -z nodump             Mark DSO not available to dldump
  -z now                Mark object non-lazy runtime binding
  -z origin             Mark object requiring immediate $ORIGIN processing
                          at runtime
  -z KEYWORD            Ignored for Solaris compatibility

On Mon, 13 Sep 2004, Rudolf Ladyzhenskii wrote:

> Hi, all
> Can anyone please explain me what '-z' option is? I figure it has something to do with linking. Did not find anything in man page on gcc and in google search.
> Thanks,
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