Cross compile build problems

Brian Rose
Tue Sep 28 18:39:00 GMT 2004

Ian Lance Taylor wrote:

> Brian Rose <> writes:
>>$ ../../src/gcc-3.4.2/configure --target=m68k-elf --prefix=$HOME/coldfire/bins
>>$ make all
>>It seems to get to the libc part and it then dies with this error message...
>>   configure: error: No support for this host/target configuration.
>>Looking up in the output I see the following messages...
>>   checking host system type... m68k-unknown-elf
>>   checking build system type... i686-pc-cygwin
>>Is this correct? Shouldn't the host be i686-pc-cygwin? I'm trying to
>>develop a compiler that runs on my Windows box (with cygwin) and
>>builds binaries for a Motorola coldfire embedded microcontroller with
>>no operating system.
> The above is correct when building code to run on the target, such as
> libstdc++-v3.  Code which runs on cygwin, such as gcc, has a host
> (and, in this case, build) of cygwin and a target of m68k-elf.  Code
> which runs on the m68k-elf target, such as libstdc++-v3, has a host of
> m68k-elf and a build of cygwin (and no target, since libstdc++-v3 is
> not itself a cross-compilation tool).
> Ian

It seemed to be building libc at the time so that makes sense. I guess libc 
needs to have some sort of operating system defined?

I tried building with newlib using the --with-newlib switch and I got the 
following error message...

   error: storage size of 're_comp_buf' isn't known

So maybe newlib will not run on a Coldfire processor? In any event, is 
there any way to tell the process not to compile any libraries? All of our 
software is custom written, so libraries are not really needed.



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