g77; compiling my first program

Xucaen xucaen@yahoo.com
Fri Sep 24 16:48:00 GMT 2004

Hi, I'm taking a class "Principals of Programming
Languages" and this week we learned Fortran. So,
I installed g77 (using apt-get) and typed in a
simple Fortran program.

       I = 2
       PRINT 10, I
10     FORMAT (1X, I5)

I saved my source file as for1.  I don't know
what extension g77 expects. I then tried to
compile with g77 for1, but I got an error saying
the file was in the wrong format. Maybe I had my
columns mixed up? or maybe someother syntax
error, or maybe I didn't have the correct
extension on the filename? In any case I thought
I would get a more clear compile error. (I'm on a
different machine today and I don't have the
exact error message).

I looked thru the extensive documentation but
could find an example of a simple fortran program
and how to compile it using g77. Does anyone have
any tips or suggestions for me?



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