Linking library compiled with Forte and GCC!

Tan, Ryan
Mon Nov 29 12:39:00 GMT 2004


Thank you for your clarification!


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Yes, that's true. There is no standard as far as the
ABI is concerned so there is no way for a linker to
understand a C++ symbol generated by another compiler.
That's why commercial C++ libraries are provided with
the requirement to use a certain type of compiler (and
sometimes a certain range of version since the ABI can
change between versions of the same compiler).


--- "Tan, Ryan" <> a ecrit : 
> Hello,
> I am new to GCC community. I hope someone can help
> me.
> Is it still true that there is no way I can link
> the library compiled with different compilers?
> I searched thru the mailing list and found one
> thread
> from 1999.
> My environment:
> GCC 3.4.2 on Solaris 5.8.
> Forte v6u2 C++ compiler.
> I have a file ( using CNI to call Java class
> compiled in g++ 3.4.2.
> I have other file ( that call the class in
> compiled using Forte
> compiler.
> I created the library (libA.a) from the above object
> files.
> Now I created an application (compiled using
> Forte) that links the
> libA.a
> but got a link error with undefined symbol in B.o
> I have compiled everything with GCC compiler that it
> works. I was wondering
> if
> I can use the Forte compiler since I don't want to
> limit the customer to use
> the same compiler.
> Thanks in advance!
>  -ryan-
>  -ryan-


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