Linking separate libraies

Daniel Wells
Thu Nov 18 05:39:00 GMT 2004

I am trying to program a PC-104 board which is running a version of
TS-Linux.  However the code needs to be written and compiled on a
separate development computer.  However, TS-Linux and whatever version
of linux is on the development workstation have gcc libraries that most
likely do not match.

I know that the version of TS-Linux uses glibc 2.2.5.  On website for
the PC-104 board they have a file at the following link
Which supposedly has all of the libs needed to compile code to run on
the PC-104 board.

However I do not know how to set up gcc on the development box so that
it link against these libraries.  Is there a way to set it up so that
these libs are the default libs?  And if so is there an easy way to set
it up so I can switch between the two easily.  (If not I still prefer
the secondary libs to be the default)  Thanks for your help.


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