Objcopy problem on arm-linux

Long Li long21st@yahoo.com
Thu Nov 11 18:50:00 GMT 2004

Hi, Guys,

I have a problem when using the objcopy crosscompile
for Arm on Linux. After I compiled the code using gcc,
I used ld to generate a .axf file, and used objcopy to
get .bin file from that .axf file. The whole process
succeeded. However, the size of .bin file is weird,
since it is 50 times of the .axf file. I viewed the
.bin file, and found objcopy added a lot of data
not-belonging-to the code to the .bin file. Could you
help on this? Why objcopy attached those data and is
there a way to get rid of it?

The gcc I am using is 3.2.14, and the objcopy is 2.15.

Thank you very much.



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