GCC / Coldfire / Elf format compliant with windows

Despina le_baron@ifrance.com
Tue Nov 9 13:38:00 GMT 2004

Hi everyone,

I am working with a GCC compiler, for a coldfire 5407 target (under
windows XP/Cygwin).

I have written an application that is dedicated to run on my coldfire
target, using an OS we have developped ourselves. 

I would like to debug my application, using the BDM port of my device?
The software I would like to use is Trace 32  along with the Lauterbach
debug interface. The problem is that Trace 32 doesn't seem to work with
the elf file I got when compiling my application. It says "Error : entry
near offset 3708". I have taken a look at the elf file, and I found out
that every links in this file are expresses "linux style" i.e. with '/'
directories and so on. I guess this is the reason why my debugging
software doesn't want to load my elf file. 

Do you know how I could force the linker (m68k-elf-ld) to generate paths
in the elf file that are compliant with windows? (by the way, the option
I use to get my elf file is OUTPUT_FORMAT("elf32-little")   ).

Many thanks for advance,


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