compiling gcc for multiple targets?

Ken Wolcott
Wed Mar 31 19:36:00 GMT 2004

Hi Carl;

  You must be mistaken about the crossgcc mailing list.  I am a
subscriber and there is recent traffic and there are some very *nice*,
*helpful* and *knowledgeable* subscribers.  There is also crosstool
(, a very nice tool written by Dan
Kegel, that might help you, I'm not sure.


On Tue, 2004-03-30 at 17:20, Carl B. Constantine wrote:
> I've done a google search on this, but most of the information I found
> was old and the crossgcc list no longer exists, so I thought I would
> bring it up again.
> Is there any way to compile gcc and related utils (binutils, gdb) for
> multiple targets in one binary? So I want to compile it to support both
> Solaris intel and m68hc11 in one gcc instead of having separate binaries
> for each?
> If I cannot do this, but have to compile separate versions
> (--program-prefix=m6811-elf) are there any issues wrt to libraries if
> they are installed to the same place? for example?
> Thanks in advance.

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