Building gcc on Tru64
Wed Mar 31 13:03:00 GMT 2004

On Thu, 25 Mar 2004 wrote:
> writes:
> > 	I was wondering if anyone could help me in my attempts to build gcc
> > on Tru64 (Tru64 5.0, ev6). From looking at bug-reports, it seemed to me
> > that the gcc-3.3 branch does not build on Tru64; since my attempts
> > seemed to confirm this, I decided to try the gcc-3.4 branch.
> > However, when I try to compile some c++ programs, such as those included in
> > Lam MPI, I get runtime errors complaining that "_Ewcsftime" is undefined
> > in libstdc++. I have also built gcc using --disable-shared and then get
> > the errors while linking the programs.
> > and had a look at the wchar.h file from Compaq, which mentions
> > _Ewcsftime,
> Here is a shot in the dark. Use find, nm, and grep, like this:
> find /usr/lib -name '*lib*so*' -print | xargs nm -A | & grep 'T.*_Ewcsftime.*' | less

Thanks - though it didn't seem to find anything for me, I'm afraid.
However I have now managed to get an apparently working compiler by
using the snapshot of 3.4 from 7th January. I'm quite satisfied with
this; however, I am a bit curious as to what might have happened in the
meantime (or what I've done to my system to cause this). One difference I
have noticed is that the snapshot from the 7th January did not create a
new wchar.h file (which I mentioned in my previous post). Perhaps I shall
try playing with the latest compiler source and see what I can find.


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