noreentrant functions on Linux Advance Server 2.1 using gcc 2.96

Eljay Love-Jensen
Fri Mar 26 13:39:00 GMT 2004

Hi Jyotirmoy,

I do not know if that list is comprehensively sufficient for Red Hat Linux 
Advanced Server 2.1.  (I use RHLAS 2.1, but not for a multithreaded 

I presume you are including the correct flag for multithreading.  That 
would be "gcc -pthread" for compile and link (which puts in -D_REENTRANT 
and -lpthread, respectively).  Da?  Nyet?

And I presume your GCC was built with --enable-threads=posix (which you can 
see via "gcc -v" for GCC 3.2, but I presume you'll have to infer during 
compilation if you use RH/GCC 2.96).

In C and C++, multithreading is wishy-washy.  It's not part of the 
language, it's a "bolt-on" that varies by vendor.  And not all vendors or 
platforms support POSIX (or necessarily support POSIX correctly).

For C++, I believe the BOOST folks have a platform-neutral thread 
API.  Assuming you were using C++, it's probably a little late in the game 
to switch horses to a different thread paradigm (say, BOOST versus POSIX or 
versus platform-centric).


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