target of cross compile : problem in make (newbie)

Ian Lance Taylor
Wed Mar 24 15:29:00 GMT 2004

"sting sting" <> writes:

> ./configure --target=powerpc-*-elf
> I get the follwoing error:
> "./configure: No match."

First of all, never use ./configure.  Always build in a different

Secondly, just use powerpc-elf, not powerpc-*-elf.

So, you want somethig like
    ../gcc/configure --target=powerpc-elf

I assume you saw the '*' in configure scripts doing a switch on
target.  That is a shell pattern on the canonical name.  Don't confuse
that with the name you use for a target.

No idea on your Ada problem, but it may be related to running
configure in the source directory.


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