Exception Handling switch gives linking problems

nirav.dalal@teradyne.com nirav.dalal@teradyne.com
Fri Mar 12 00:03:00 GMT 2004

Thanks Danny,

That just worked for me :))

- Nirav

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From: nirav dot dalal at teradyne dot com


> Hi,
> I'm having issues with GCC compiling & linking when I remove "
> -fno-exceptions"
> switches/option with x86 target.
> For example:
> Case A] This example works fine.
> >gcc -mdll -DBUILD_DLL -O3 -c -fno-exceptions foo.cpp
> >dllwrap --dllname=foo.dll foo.o
> Case B] This example compiles OK, but does NOT link.
> >gcc -mdll -DBUILD_DLL -O3 -c foo.cpp
> >dllwrap --dllname=foo.dll foo.o
> The "dllwrap" command gives me following error/s:
> foo.o(.text+0x28):foo.cpp: undefined reference to

< snip >

Tell dllwrap to link in libstdc++ by setting language to C++:

dllwrap --driver-name c++  --dllname=foo.dll foo.o

Better yet, use g++ -shared, instead of dllwrap,   to build the dll

g++  -DBUILD_DLL -O3 -c foo.cpp
g++ -shared -o foo.dll foo.o


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