core dump while load testing using gcc 2.96

Jyotirmoy Das
Fri Mar 26 12:38:00 GMT 2004

Hi All,
  You may excuse me to ask such vague question still I have no other
option. I have a large application running on Linux Advance Server 2.1.
The code compiled with gcc 2.96. Application runs with no problem under
normal condition. However, when I put a lot load, then the application
dumps the core. Back traces of cores are not at all consistent. Then
application is running in multi-threaded environment.  Putting load
means, creating lot of threads and each tread will do the same activity.
At load, CPU utilization goes to 70-90 per cent by the different Light
Weight Process (LWP) of the application.
  Can you give some pointer how to approach such problem? (Particularly
when back traces of core is different in different run; and analyzing
back trace not giving any clue) 
 Can you point me out some kernel parameter or any thing like that which
may I change to see some impact on result/core? 

Any pointer will help me a lot.

Thanks and Regards,

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