gcc 2.95 to gcc 3.2.3

Feranando Roberto Secco secco@inf.ufsc.br
Fri Mar 26 12:38:00 GMT 2004

my name is Fernando and I work at Software and Hardware Laboratory of 
the Santa Catarina University (www.lisha.ufsc.br ).
I work with a network processor (lanai) and I am using gcc 2.95 to 
compile things for it.
Since gcc 2.95 is a bit old it could not support all C++ features I am 
Then, I am thinking in a port from gcc 2.95 to gcc 3.2.3 .

My question is, Is it possible to port the machine files from 2.95 to 
( I am not sure if this is the right name, but its the "target" 
specification, some files
like lisp description and the C files inside gcc/conf/my_target_name )
If yes what do I have to change in the 2.95 files to make then 
compatible with 3.2.3.

I already tryed the gcc list but in 5 days I haven't got a single answer.

thanks in advance.

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