visibility attribute not supported?!
Fri Mar 19 20:24:00 GMT 2004

Jeremy Kolb <> writes:

> Yeah It's stock fsf gcc. The distro I use is Sourcemage and it downloads
> from gcc directly from the gnu site (and it's md5 verified).  The thing
> is this has only happened to a few people and not the rest, we don't
> know why.

As near as I can tell, gcc should build with visibility support iff
    you are using gnu ld.

Since you are running linux, I can't imagine you might be using
    anything else. So I suspect a bug somewheres. When you file a bug
    report, you should include the output of ld --version, gcc
    --version, and uname -a, in addition to the info requested at .

I suppose you could reconfigure and rebuild gcc, adding --with-gnu-ld
    to your configure arguments, but it seems a bug that that should
    be necessary on a platform where SFAIK only gnu ld is available.

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