visibility attribute not supported?!

Jeremy Kolb
Fri Mar 19 17:37:00 GMT 2004

Yeah It's stock fsf gcc. The distro I use is Sourcemage and it downloads
from gcc directly from the gnu site (and it's md5 verified).  The thing
is this has only happened to a few people and not the rest, we don't
know why.


On Thu, 2004-03-18 at 23:18, wrote:
> Jeremy Kolb <> writes:
> > I'm running linux 2.6.3, gcc 3.3.3 on an amd t-bird.  When I try to
> > compile glibc I get a warning about the visibility attribute not being
> > supported. I've tested this out with a test program that uses the
> > visibility attribute and that fails as well.  So glibc won't build for
> > me.  How do I enable the visibility attribute? I've recompiled binutils
> > and gcc but I still get the same error.
> First, make sure you are using fsf gcc 3.3.3 and not the derivative
> shipped by your distro maker (it seems all distros hand-roll their own
> gcc derivative ... don't ask me why.)
> If you can still reproduce with fsf gcc, I think you should report
> this as a bug. There's a similar bug 
> reported against 3.4-branch: 
> but it doesn't mention 3.3.3 .

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