Inheriting public member functions broken in gcc 3.3.2?

Adrian Bentley
Fri Mar 12 11:03:00 GMT 2004

So I'm working with gcc on a project and we have something like the 

class refcounter
      void ref() { //adds a reference }
      void unref() { //removes a reference }

Then we have a derived class:

class BigClass : public OtherClass, public NonRefedClass
{ ... };

where OtherClass is derived from refcounter and something else....

Now the problem comes in when trying to return a handle<BigClass> (which is 
a class that basically is like an auto referencing pointer) from a function, 
and it complains that there is no ref function defined in BigClass....

Now can someone explain to me why this is broken?  It was working in gcc 
3.2.3 (which is what I'm having to stay at right now).

I have other problems but this one is just completely baffling me... perhaps 
I'm due to read Byarne's book again....


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