Error including stl_map.h
Wed Mar 10 03:50:00 GMT 2004

I'm using stl maps with g++ 3.3.0 on AIX 4.3.3. When I try to compile the 
code I get the following errors from including bits/stl_map.h. 

/usr/local/include/c++/3.3/bits/stl_map.h:118: error: template-id `
   _Rb_tree<_Key, std::pair<const _Key, _Tp>, 
   _Key, _Tp> >, _Compare, _Alloc>' used as a declarator
/usr/local/include/c++/3.3/bits/stl_map.h:118: error: parse error before 
(It continues on, but all subsequent errors appear to be because the 
parser is now lost).

Do I need to include something else, or change a setting in my Makefile to 
get this to work?


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