Exception Traceback / Frame Unwind 2

Ben Clewett Ben.Clewett@roadrunner.uk.com
Thu Mar 4 11:05:00 GMT 2004

Sorry to labor a point.  As an extension to my posting yesterday, our 
need to access Frame Unwind information.

We also host a great many CGI programs, compiled under gcc. 
Occasionally these thrown an exception which cannot be handled.  Eg, a 
miss-coded SQL statement.  Since these programs run thousands of times a 
day (sometimes!), it's impossible to examine core files.  Especially if 
a general 'catch' then exits gracefully without leaving a core :)

Again, it would be enormously useful to access the frame unwind 
programatically.  Our CGI programs could then report their errors to our 
programming dept, including the most useful bit of data:  Where the 
error occurred in the code, and hence drastically increase the quality 
of our products.

Again, thanks big time to any person who can suggest a solution for us.


Ben Clewett.

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