compile or not compile

Alexandre Oliva
Tue Jul 20 09:59:00 GMT 2004

On Jul 19, 2004, Karol Szkudlarek <> wrote:

> OK. But why this compiles without error with gcc (3.3) on one platform
> and one another (gcc 3.3) it doesn't?

Most likely not the same GCC.  IIRC you had one straight from the FSF,
and another from some GNU/Linux vendor, that presumably patched the
compiler.  I don't quite remember which failed to compile and which
accepted the ill-formed code, to tell whether the patch was a
standard-conformance bug fix or a bugward-compatibility patch.  Point
is, if it's not the same exact compiler sources, this would explain
differences.  Heck, even with the same sources, you might end up with
different compilers if the build compiler happened to be buggy and you
didn't go through a 2+-stage bootstrap.

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