GPL and GCC profiling

Tobias Oberstein
Thu Jul 1 14:38:00 GMT 2004


>  >so even if we don't dsitribute a release version of our software with 
> profiling code, using profiling while developing the software infects 
> our source.
> Your statement contradicts the statement you posted from the MinGW FAQ.  
> (I don't know which is correct.)

yes, it contradicts and i either don't know which is correct (when
applied to GCC not MinGW e.g.), which exactly is the point that
makes me think twice.

i've just learned (from the GPL FAQ) that the GPL'ed Bison parser
generator embeds own code into executables .. but FSF made an
_explicit_ exception within the Bison license to avoid proliferation
of GPL terms into resulting artifacts. from my understanding, the FSF
seems to decide on those exceptions on a case by case basis (depending
on whether a proprietary replacement for the FSF software exists).
this is great, but in general it means i'm betting on FSF's future
decisions in this area (GNU tools generating/embedding code into
artifacts) which obviously i can't influence. no FUD intended - just
want to get clear myself.


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