g++ infinite loop

b u bnulbig@yahoo.com
Fri Jul 23 06:38:00 GMT 2004

I am compiling a project with g++ 3.3.2 && 2.95.3.  It
goes into an infinite loop when a call to the
following class method (in my source) is made:

    void newSection()   { mSectionOffset.push_back(
mTop ); }

mSectionOffset is a member defined as:

    mutable std::vector< unsigned > mSectionOffset;

I know its this call because the project compiles fine
w/o it.  I've tried variants:
    void newSection() {}; // worked
    void newSection() { mSectionOffset[0] = mTop; }
           // worked
    void newSection() { mSectionOffset.resize(
           mSectionOffset.size()+1, mTop ); }
           // failed

Where can I start to track down the bug?


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