GPL and GCC profiling

Eljay Love-Jensen
Thu Jul 1 12:18:00 GMT 2004

Hi Tobias,

When you say "...using GCC..." I presume that you are using it to produce a 
new application (one that doesn't violate the extensions to GCC's GPL).

I'm not part of FSF.  I'm not a lawyer.  My comments are merely my naive 

GCC has a very liberal license regarding using GCC to produce applications, 
even if the other application is not GPL.  Even if the other application is 
wholly proprietary.  (Except in a few instances, as specified in GCC's GPL 
extensions ... those few instances are, basically, to protect GCC itself 
from being lifted and repackaged as proprietary).

If you have concerns about GCC and use in your product, you should contact 
your company's lawyers and have them review the GCC GPL & extensions, and 
read and interpret the GCC GPL & extensions for yourself.

Note - this forum is made up of a community of a GCC users.  A self-help 
group.  There are few FSF members, and I presume that those who do frequent 
this forum are not in a position to give legal advice about GPL and/or the 
GCC extensions to it.

In other words, what you read on this forum is opinion and interpretation.


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