custom CPU porting : guidance please

Ian Lance Taylor
Thu Dec 23 18:33:00 GMT 2004

sashti srinivasan <> writes:

>   (1)  I suppose that 'gas' is much more machine
> dependent than gcc.  Please guide me regarding where
> can I find documents regarding how to port 'gas' to a
> new CPU.

gas is part of the GNU binutils.  binutils questions are best
addressed on the binutils mailing list.  For more information, see

The internal gas documentation can be found in gas/doc/internals.texi.

>   (2)  Since rest of the utilities in binutils have
> more to do with binary format than with architecture,
> porting these(ld,nm,ar....) to a new CPU is going to
> be farily simple.  Am I right?

Sort of.  You need to implement relocation handling appropriate for
your architecture, and that is trickier than it should be.

>   (3)  I like to port GDB also.  Please give me
> pointers where I can find the corresponding
> documentation.


In particular, gdb/doc/gdbint.texinfo.

>   (4)  As a first step, I want to develop a gdb
> simulator for the new CPU I have in mind.  Where can I
> find the documentation describing how to write a
> simulator.

As far as I know, there isn't any.  Look at existing simulators.

>   (5)  In porting GCC tool-chain to a new CPU
> architecture, or in otherwords developing cross
> tool-chain for a new CPU architecture, I assume that
> following is the most appropriate sequence:
>      (a)  Develop a simulator so that executables for
> the new CPU can be run using GDB
>      (b)  Port as so that programs can be written in
> the assembly language of the CPU and assembled.
>      (c)  Port gcc so that c programs can be written
> to run on the target CPU
>   Is this sequence correct?

Pretty much.  You will want to write the disassembler when you write
the assembler.


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