Compiling kernel 2.4.18 with gcc 2.96/3.4.3

Fri Dec 31 08:08:00 GMT 2004

Hi list, happy new year!

I have a question about compiling kernel with cross compiler.

I used mipsel-linux-gcc 2.96 and glibc 2.2 to compile kernel 2.4.18 successfully.
And now I want to change glibc to 2.3 so I changed gcc to the most recent 3.4.3 as well.

However, after successfully compiling glibc 2.3, when I tried to compile 2.4.18,
it told me:

init/main.c:1: error: -mips2 conflicts with the other architecture options, which specify a MIPS3 processor
Assembler messages:
Error: -mips2 conflicts with the other architecture options, which imply -mips3
make: *** [init/main.o] Error 1

I found that it was caused by the option "-march=r4600 -mips2".
When I used gcc 2.96 it was OK, but when I used gcc 3.4.3 it stopped with error.

I googled a lot and found that r4600 should ``belong to'' mips3,
but it's ok to assign -mips2 under gcc 2.96.  I'm not familiar with this region and don't know why.

Could anybody please tell me why different gcc versions would cause different result in the same option?

Sorry if it is appropriate to ask here.  (I'm not quite sure if such questions should be asked 
in gcc mailing list or linux kernel mailing list...)

Best Regards,
Frank Weng

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