Help with crosscompiling SPARC gcc

Tue Dec 28 11:31:00 GMT 2004

Dear All!

Currently I writing SPARC code on x86 wintel host.
The target is a SPARC v8.
My environment has old SPARC GCC cross-compiler dated 98 year.
I dissatisfied with current compiler, because of its poor
optimizations for performance. I suppose during 1998-2005 years GCC has
significantly increased optimizations for speed, so a good idea to
ugrade my compiler with a newer one.

The problem I examined for "sparc" and found nothing
related. On the other side, my current compiler is really gcc. Please
excuse me for not original questions:
1. where i can get GCC compiler sources targeted for SPARC, and
(possibly) 2. how to build on x86 (win) based environment (or i
should looking to *nix)?  

Please help me with any siggestion,
i not a *nix programmer, nevertheless seems I good
enough  to compile cross-gcc for myself.


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