find_if and ptr_fun(isspace<char>) trouble

Gabriel Dos Reis
Sun Dec 19 15:48:00 GMT 2004

Dan Kegel <> writes:

| I'm trying to port somebody else's code from g++-2.95.3 to g++-3.4.1, but am
| running into template problems with STL algorithms and ptr_fun(isspace<char>).
| Compiling the following snippet:
| #include <cctype>
| #include <functional>
| #include <algorithm>
| #include <deque>
| #include <locale>
| using namespace std;
| int main ()
| {
|          char     init[7] = {1,2,3,4,5,6,7};
|          deque<char> d(init, init+7);
|          find_if (d.begin(), d.end(), ptr_fun(isspace<char>));

The code is wrong because it pulls in two version of isspace
  * one in <cctype> -- the traditional C function;
  * another in <locale> -- the C++ only version that takes two
       arguments: the locale and the character.

and then is trying to use the second version in place of the first.

Try to add

     struct Isspace {
        bool operator()(int c) const { return isspace(c); }

and try

      find_if (d.begin(), d.end(), Isspace());

Also hae a look at:

-- Gaby

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