Ancient Fortran, help please

Bud Davis
Sun Dec 19 00:35:00 GMT 2004

On Sat, 2004-12-18 at 13:22, Benjamin Joseph wrote:
> It looks like it's just defining a variable TYPE with a character array. 
> Anyway, as far as compilability is concerned, this works for Intel Fortran 
> Compiler 8.1.

TYPE is declared by default to be of type REAL*8 by the IMPLICIT REAL
statement on line 2.

the Intel compiler is quite forgiving. to work with g77 you will have to
declare TYPE to be of an INTEGER or CHARACTER type.

It should be a very surgical and safe change, as it makes no sense
to either use or set TYPE(1) with a double precision real :)

       IMPLICIT REAL*8 (A-H,O-Z)

there is good information in the g77 info page concerning
running code from other fortran compilers. -finit-local-zero
and -fno-automatic are two options that are defaults for other
compilers.  you might want to think about these a bit before 
digging deep into the code if the runtime results are not as
expected.  nothing to do with the current issue, just something to keep
in mind.

don't let this little incompatibility dissuade you from using
g77. IMHO g77 is the most robust and flexible F77 compiler

bud davis

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