Code Bloat using GCC 3.2 on Linux

Gaurav Jain
Wed Dec 15 15:28:00 GMT 2004

Hi Eljay,

What's more important for me is the size on disk.  I want a small file
that can be easy to download.

I have already tried the "strip" command, and the relative figures I
gave were after stripping the binaries.


On Wed, 15 Dec 2004 08:22:02 -0600, Eljay Love-Jensen <> wrote:
> Hi Guarav,
> Did you do the "strip" command on the output binary?
> strip myexecutable
> That might cut out 10%.
> When you are talking about the "bloat", are you speaking about the file, or
> of the memory footprint of the program when running?
> If you are speaking of the file, that does not necessarily correspond to
> "bloat" in memory.  The Linux executable file may be 100 KB, and the memory
> footprint (code + data) may be 200 KB.  The Windows executable file may be
> 50 KB and the memory footprint (code + data) may be 10 MB.
> I'm just trying to understand what you consider "bloat".  Is it important
> that the file be small, or that the running memory footprint be small?
> --Eljay

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