[gnu.org #216598] Hi, Need Linux gcc

John Sullivan via RT info@fsf.org
Mon Dec 13 22:22:00 GMT 2004

> Hi,
> This is Vedula. I recently installed red hat 9.1 in my
> PC and suprigingly it did not have gcc. Yesterday
> fullday i searched the web and i did not find a
> readyly usable binary.
> I am looking for a readyly usable binary for Linux
> gcc.
> May i know wherei can get it?


You should be able to install GCC using your package management system
under Red Hat.

I suggest you use the Red Hat support channels open to you, since this
is a question about installing GCC on a specific distribution.

You could also try one of the GCC help mailing lists. Information
about those lists can be found at <http://gcc.gnu.org/lists.html>. You
should also look at the GCC home page and FAQ, which can be found at

Hope that helps.



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