error in compiling gcc 4.0: gengtype-lex.c

Brandon Beck
Mon Dec 13 06:04:00 GMT 2004

Hi list,
   Using Debian unstable, gcc 3.3.5, I'm trying to compile gcc 4.0.  I unzip 
the source into the folder gcc-4.0-20041128, and make another folder gcc.  I 
then 'cd gcc', '../gcc-4.0-20041128/configure --enable-languages=c,c++', and 
then 'make'.  After the first build stage, I get the errors: 'gcc: 
gengtype-lex.c: No such file or directory', 'gcc: no input files', and 
'make[1]: *** [build/gengtype-lex.o] Error 1'.  I've also tried 'make 
bootstrap', but that fails with the same errors.  I've read the install 
files, but I didn't see anything that would help.  Can the list help?

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