GCC output to a directory

lrtaylor@micron.com lrtaylor@micron.com
Fri Apr 2 01:54:00 GMT 2004

On UNIX, you can use the dirname and basename commands to get the
directory and file name, respectively, from a fully qualified path.
That would make it easy to do in scripts.


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Did I miss it in the GCC or is there really no way to specify that the
output go to a specific directory ? I can see where one can direct the
output to a specific name, via the -o option, which allows one to
specify a
full path specification, but I don't see where one can just specify the
output directory without having to specify the full output name. The
would be useful in scripts and batch files where separating a filename
the full path specification is not that easy, while providing an output
directory and letting GCC automatically put the appropriately named
files there is a good deal simpler.

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