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Tue Apr 27 13:57:00 GMT 2004

Good morning,

We have a software tree that we compile for Solaris Sparc and Linux 
X86.  There are several versions this software that we support, 4.5.3 
and 4.7 are still our current versions.  We compile up 4.5.3 for 
Solaris and Linux with gcc-295.  4.7 is compiled with gcc-32.

The problem that we're seeing is this:  4.5.3 and 4.7 run almost the 
same speed on Linux.  However, on Solaris Sparc 4.5.3 runs about 10x 
faster than the Linux version.  All the compile lines and complier 
options are the same (and quoted at the bottom of this message).

Can someone shed some light on to why me might be seeing this problem?  
The compile line that I pasted is from our Linux build.  The only 
differences between Solaris and Linux is the -mtune=ultrasparc and 
-mcpu-v8 options on Sparc.

Any ideas???


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> Date: April 27, 2004 6:53:24 AM PDT
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> Subject: GCC
> /usr/local/gnu/gcc-332/bin/g++ -c -fPIC -g -O0 -DALGODEBUG  
> -D_G_NO_EX
> TERN_TEMPLATES -funroll-loops -finline-limit=2750 -pipe -ansi 
> -pedantic -Wimplic
> it -Wconversion -Wsign-compare -Wno-long-long -Wreorder 
> -Woverloaded-virtual -Ws
>  -D_BSD_SOURCE -D_XOPEN_SOURCE   -I../.././include 
> -I../.././include/libinc -I..
>  /.././include/localinc -DXMSTRINGDEFINES  SharedPool.c -o 
> SharedPool.sh

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