Migration from RWTools to string - problems [newbie]

Krzysztof.Wisniowski@siemens.com Krzysztof.Wisniowski@siemens.com
Tue Sep 30 07:32:00 GMT 2003

Hello, and thanks for the reply,
	I'm quite positive that I have not tried such a thing since c_str
returns const char* and modifying that would cause the compiler to react. I
have no idea about stack tracing, how is that done and by what tools? 


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Are you attempting to modify the strings using the pointer returned by
c_str()?  If so, DON'T!  Otherwise, normally, calling c_str() several
times should not cause a memory leak or cause your program to crash.
Have you tried looking at the stack trace to see where it is crashing?

Lyle Taylor

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