Newbie questions about variables

Andre Kirchner
Fri Sep 26 19:53:00 GMT 2003


what would happen if I had a function which creates a
string, and a for loop in the main function that
executes this function 100 times, will it create 100
theString variables which will just be using memory
space, or each time my program exists
theFunction theString variable will be erased from the
computer's memory?
Is there any command to destroy a variable, and free
the memory space it was using if I need?



void theFunction( const char * newString )
  char * theString[ 256 ];

  strcpy( theString, newString );
  printf( "%s\n", theString );

void main()
  int counter;
  char theLine[ 256 ];

  for( counter = 0; counter< 100; counter++ )
    sprintf( theLine, "%03d\n", counter );
    theFunction( theLine );

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